When can my child start?

Some more information about our nursery

Little Messy Monsters

Your child’s keyworker will send home daily records, detailing the activities your child has enjoyed for that day, meals consumed, sleep patterns etc. Regular emails and text messages will be sent in order for you to be kept fully updated throughout the day.

We will accommodate ‘weaning’ requests as much as possible and liaise very closely with you at all times. Our menus are available as a separate document and we have an additional qualified and experienced staff member, who is purely responsible for ensuring that all the children’s dietary and religious needs are met. We request that sterilised bottles are provided each day, along with the child’s own milk formula/breast milk. Nappies and wipes must also be provided.

As much as possible we provide opportunities to play outside and when we feel that your child is ready, their keyworker will support your child with the transition into the bigger playroom. These steps will be fully discussed and agreed with parents at each stage. Our priority is to make our families feel comfortable, confident, and happy at all times and provide the best possible experience for each child in our care. We will produce written plans for your child showing how we will promote learning through fun, structured ‘play’ activities as well as allowing time in the day for independent play.

We welcome children with additional/special needs. We have considerable experience working with children who require extra support, particularly those with hearing or speech difficulties. Wheel chair access is available. We would also discuss in great detail with you, the implications/needs that your child will have, taking into consideration the other needs of the children in the setting, to ensure that everyone is completely happy and that your child as well as the other children, will benefit by attending Messy Monsters Day Nursery.

We believe that the service we provide reflects the care we would expect our own children to receive. Your child will be cared for in a safe, welcoming and above all learning and stimulating environment.

We operate from the same playroom as the Flying Start playgroup. Flying Start settings reflect a high quality philosophy and approach to the Foundation Phase Curriculum to meet the developmental needs and abilities of all the children. Further details and a prospectus is available.


When caring for your child we will endeavour to build his/her self-esteem, confidence and independence. We will listen to them carefully and encourage them to listen, speak, ask questions and solve problems. We will value their judgements and have high expectations of them as learners. In the organisation of structured play activities for them, no child will be able to ‘fail’. They will be encouraged to persevere in order to achieve success or possibly choose a different approach.

The Foundation Phase Framework

At Messy Monsters Day Nursery we use the Foundation Phase Framework to assess and support your child’s development. The Foundation Phase has 7 areas of learning which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. The areas of learning are:

  • Personal and Social development, Well-being and Cultural diversity
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Mathematical development
  • Welsh language development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

For further information:http://gov.wales/topics/educationandskills/foundation-phase/?lang=en


Your child will only be released to adults assigned by you. We will keep a list of these nominated people and their signatures. They will be asked to sign for your child on collection. You will need to forewarn us if someone different is collecting your child. They will also need to use a password that you have provided.

The Nursery has a CCTV security system and all doors can only be accessed with by authorised staff members.


Please note the following points with regards to medication:

We will not administer any medicine or other treatment unless the parent has discussed its use and given prior written permission. This forms part of the written contract.

If permission is given to administer medication:

The medicine will be stored in its original container, clearly labelled and inaccessible to children.

We will not usually administer any medicine that has not been prescribed by a doctor. The use of ‘calpol’ for emergencies will be discussed with you and noted in the contract.

A written record of medicines administered to children will be maintained. The parent will be asked to sign this record book to acknowledge an entry.

A first aid box will be kept out of the reach of children. You will need to provide evidence for my records if your child has any known allergies. You will also need to give written permission at the time of accepting a place, for me to seek any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment whilst your child is in our care.

A record of any accidents is maintained and signed by the parents.

Sick Children

We reserve the right to choose not to look after a child if they are obviously very unwell. You will need to notify us if your child has been ill during the night prior to bringing them to Nursery. Children must be kept away for at least 48 hours after the cessation of diarrhoea, vomiting or high temperature.

Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

In order for your child to remain happy in our care, we believe that good communication with parents is vital and consequently, the contract of service will be drawn up on acceptance of a place, so that exact needs for the child can be discussed and documented. The contract will be reviewed six-monthly or earlier if the need arises.

On a daily basis you will have an opportunity to exchange information about your child. You will also be given written information about the child’s day e.g. activities participated in, food, drink and other notes of importance e.g. with regards development. Please also feel able to speak to us on a daily basis if you have any concerns or feedback about our service. This may mean that any problems can be remedied as soon as they arise.

We arrange informal ‘parents evening’ several times a year to discuss your child’s development and generally to talk about needs. We would also see this as an opportunity for you to provide us with any further feedback that you think may help us to improve our service. We would like to stress, however, we are always available to discuss any matter relating to your child and a meeting can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Food and Drink

Food will be nutritious and we will endeavour to cater for any special dietary requirements, preferences, or food allergies. If, however, we feel that we are unable to cater for particular requirements, we will discuss this with you and it may mean that you will need to provide food for your child.

We will provide mid-morning/afternoon snacks as part of the fees. We offer breakfast, a freshly prepared cooked lunch, a light tea and all snacks as part of the fees. Menus are available on request and displayed within the setting. Please refer to our menus on display.